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Healing Treatment

Healing Treatments
Aims of Treatment
Types of Treatments
Principles of Ayurvedic Treatments
Aims of Treatment :
The purpose of treatment of the disease is to keep the 'Doshas' in equilibrium. By taking resources to the factors the physician well versed in treatment brings about equilibrium of 'Doshas', 'Dhatus' and so he is the bestover of physical happiness and longevity and hence the physician is regarded as a donor of virtue, wealth and desire of the world and world beyond.
Types of Treatment :

The treatment of disease can be classified as :
a) SHODHANA THERAPY Purification Treatment
b) SHAMANA THERAPY Palliative Treatment
c) PATHYA VYAVASTHA Prescription of diet and activity.
d) NIDAN PARIVARJAN Avoidance of disease causing and aggravating factors
f) RASAYANA THERAPHY Rejuvanating Treatment
Principles of Ayurvedic Treatment :
'Doshas', 'Vayu', 'Pitta' and 'Kapha' are spread over all over the body. They regulate functions of every tissue cell and are present in each of them. When the sperm and ovum unite in the uterus of the mother to form a Zygote, the 'Doshas' present in them and outside them in the uterus causes certain characteristic features which in Ayurvedic parlance are known as 'Prakriti'.

If all the 'Doshas' are in the state of equilibrium, it gives rise it give rise to a healthy foetus and if all the 'Doshas' are very much is disturbed state then it becomes a week and unhealthy foetus.

Ayurveda recognises seven types of Prakriti.

For Ayurvedic treatment knowledge of Prakriti is very important.
Prakruti ( Human Constittution )
A. According to various organs :
Aspect to be Examined
Kaphaja( Shleshmala)
1 Appearance unpleasant, dry delicate, pleasant pleasant, mild and delicate.
2 Constitution Frame tall, thin, poorly built, parts of the body are not well placed. Thin medium built, delicate, flabby and soft musculature. Moderate well built, strong & stout, well proportionate and impressive body, Thick.
3 Colour (Skin) brown, black, or blackish dark or blackish complexion pale- yellow or reddish white, red, yellow moderate. fair-white, plae complexion with listre.. overweight
4 Body Weight low moderate overweight
5 Skin (Twaca)
a. Feel or Touch
b. smell
c. Perspiration (Sweating)
d. Loma (Hair)

Dry, rough, cool, cracked.
Dry, scanty, horny, black

Warm, slightly oily, soft and
Foul smelling, specially of axilla
Soft, pinkish, yellowish, scanty, oily.

soft, think, oily, cold and wet. thin, wrinkled.
Groin, mouth
Thick, soft and oily, blackish. wavy.
6 Hair dry, brittle, rough, smoky( dusty), bifurcated hair, scanty, kinky, black. soft, thin, sparse, pinkish hair, red tendency of early graying and baldness ( premature grey ) dark-black ( dark) ( jet black) thick shinning soft, silky oily, dense, abundent.
7 Forehead small (narrow) (less than 4 finger breadth) medium(average) large without blading( more not than 4 finger breadth)
8 Eyebrow dry, scanty, irregular. thin, soft, regular, bow shaped. regular dark-black thick hair
9 Eyes
a. Shape
b. Eye Lashes
c. Sclera
d. lris

Round or irregular, irregular
Dry, rough scanty, irregular
Smokey, dry, rough.
Smoky, lusterless

Soft, thin, scanty
Yellowish, ma capillaries,
Y ellowish

Big, fish shaped.
Long, black and thick.
Bluish-white, clear listre, watery, conjunctiva reddish at the limbus.
Dark back with luster.
10 e. Lustre
and look
f. Nature
g. Eyelids
Lusterless, sunken dead look
Remain partially open during sleep,
fast twinkling
Lusterful-soft and oily look
Steady, Soft coming red anger prefer cold eyes
Slow movements of eyelids.
11 Nose Blunt-short Medium, delicate sharp Big-straight
12 Lips Dry, cracked, blackish irregular shape splitted. Thin, soft, delicate and reddish medium shape. Big-soft-oily properly shaped
13 Mouth Dry, open Hot and foul smelling, tendency to stomatitis. Excess-salivation.
14 Teeth Dry, rough, blackish, short, big, crooked. Yellowish white, size-moderate. white, lusterful, strong, proportionate-well arranged
15 Gums Blackish gums, emaciated Spongy gums, soft. Pink gums
16 Tongue Dry, cracked, rough, short. Red, thin and long, Pinkish white, slimy and thick.
17 Chin Uneven, bifurcated. Thin-pointed. Broad, thick.
18 Chest Small ( narrow) Medium broad, expansible, well nourished.
19 Abdomen poorly built, small Medium Bulging, flabby, bulkey.
20 Arms Short, ill nourished unsteady Medium, flabby Long, strong and shout, steady.
21 Palms Dry, rough, cracked hard Soft, reddish, perspired. Soft, smooth, thick, pinkish, well developed.
22 Thighs Hard, developed Soft, flabby. Well developed, strong.
23 Calf muscles Short, prominent and highly developed. Soft, flabby. Well developed, strong.
24 Soles Dry, rough uneven, cracked. Soft, thin, delicate perspiring. soft, smooth, even, steady.
25 Veins & tendons Prominent, bulging Thin Hidden, not visible
26 Nails Dry, small, rough fragile, cracked blackish Soft, smooth, pink luster Big, smoothing, oily shinning, convex pink-white
27 Joints Prominent, not well place, unsteady, noisy. Bony markings well seen Loose & soft joins. Strong, well developed, well covered.Bony marking not seen.
B. Physiological Activities :
No. Aspect to be Examined Vataja Pittaja Kaphaja( Shleshmala)
1 Activites Fast, unsteady, tremors, cramps Fast definite Slow & steady, heavy-slow gait
2 Pulse (Nadi) Thready, feeble, fast, easily changing moves like a snake. Moderate, lumping like a frog Slow, broad, steady, moves like a swan
3 Voice   Rough, dry,weak, stammering, unclear, splitted, vibrating, shrill. High pitch, clear, average Deep, resonating, pleasant, sweet commanding
4 Speech   Talkative and fast incoherent Fast, smooth, debating, impressive speech difficult to conquer, insulting attitude, sharp & cutting Slow & steady (monotonous) pleasant speech, continuous, impressive talk.
5 Appetite Frequent, irregular, variable, scanty Good, excessive, unbearable Slow but steady
6 Thirst Variable Excessive Scanty
7 Agni Irregular (Vishama) Increased (Tikshana) Depressed (Manda)
8 Acceptance of rasa-taste Sweet, sour, salty, (saline) hot, oily Sweet, bitter, astringent, cold Astringent, bitter hot spicy, dry
9 Kostha (related to digestion and evacuation) Krura (Hard) Mrudu (Soft) Madhyam (Medium)
10 Urine Small quantity, frequent Profuse, foul smell Normal
11 Stool Constipated, dry, hard, small Loose (semi liquid) yellow, large Thick-oily, Heavy whitish yellow, slow
12 Sleep Disturbed (interrupted) Scanty awake- ful eyes partly open during sleep Moderate sleep, little & sound Deep sleep, heavy, prolonged day time too.
13 Dreams Flying in the sky-mountain, lumping, running, fearful Lights, stars, fire, electricity, anger, violence, battle Cold, pleasant, water, lakes, swimming, romantic ocean, clouds, swan
14 SEX

a. Desire
b. Libido
c. Semen
d. Women

Small quantity
Disliked by ladies

Scanty, medium
Not appreciated

15 Children Few Few Many
16 Strength Weak Moderate Strong
B. Physiological Activities :
No. Aspect to be Examined Vataja Pittaja Kaphaja( Shleshmala)
1 Adventure Timid Adventurous Adventurous
2 Likes & Desires Laughter & hot climate Wandering, irrelevant, talk, music Scented things, perfumes, flowers, decorative & coloured clothing, painting, carrying, delicate work, cold climate Scientific, philosophic, literature, loves music, dance, arts, white & faint colours, hot climate
3 Intellect Wavering, not well organized Brilliant, intelligent Good & steady intelligence
4 Memory Weak, grasp easily & forget easily, recent memory good, remote memory poor Good, sharp Good, grasp slow, steady & prolonged
5 Concentration Unsteady Steady Steady
6 Knowledge Poor Moderate Learned & Perfect
7 Nature - Faith Non religious, undevoted, devoid of truth & kindness, uncultured, quarrelsome on helping nature Non religious, fanatic, undevoted, kind to friends only, good conduct, quarrelsome, helping to those who seek for Religious, devoted, loves truth & kindliness, cultured, calm & quite, helping, steady
8 Emotions
a. Anger
b. Jealousy
c. Greed
d. Enemity
e. Mood

Gets quickly angry

Quickly angry
Angry changing

No quick anger, but if it is, long lasting
Non greedy
Non enmity, if at all, is long lasting
Gentle steady mood
9 Friendship Unsteady - not so real No friendship due to hot temper Many friends & long lasting
10 Wealth - Financial Status Poor, spends money quickly & on trifles Medium (Moderate, spends on luxurious) Wealthy (Rich), Money saver, spends on food
11 Life span Less Medium Long





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