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About Vaidyaraj

Ayurvedic Physicians are know as 'VAIDYARAJ'.

Vaidyaraj is a Sanskrit word of 'the Doctor'.
Vaidyarajવૈધરાજ =


a Learned Person
a Physician
Hindu Scriptures



a King
Superior Person


Sanskrit language is very ancient language of Indian sub-continent and said to be the mother of all language. Sanskrit is a language in which each word has many possible seemingly different but actually related meaning.

The Sanskrit language is integral part of the Ayurvedic Healing Science philosophy. English is and excellent vehicle for scientific analysis.

According to Ayurveda - the Physician ie.e, 'Vaidyaraj' comes first in order of importance between patient and treatment. He must possess technical skill, scientific knowledge, purity and understanding of human psycology. The physician should use his knowledge with gentelness, wisdom and in the service of humanity.

Portfolio of Dr. Atul Desai :
Name & Qualifications: Dr. Atul M. Desai
B. A. M. S. (Jamnagar University)
M D. (A.M.)
Fellow of I. I. M. (Pune)

Dr. Kavita Atul Desai
B. A. M. S. (Jamnagar University)
Present Activities : Chief Physician: Dhanvantari Clinic & Ayurvedic Health Care Center

Doing general practice with Ayurvedic consultancy in the very interiors of Gujarat State at Vyara - a town located 65 km. south-west of Surat city since October, 1989. Vyara is a place surounded by tribal locality. Both having vast experience of 10 years. Till date, they have already examined and treated about 1.5 lacs of patients of various diseases. He has also done extensive research in this field and presented research papers on them.

Graduated from Jamnagar Ayurvedic University with Distinction (Center First) having secured maximum in Medicine & Surgery branch of Ayurveda.

At present he is working on anemia - a typical anemic disorder found in many of the tribal people around known as "Sickle Cell Anemia".

Certificate of Merit with Gold medal - from Institute of Indian Medicine, Pune, for presenting a research thesis in the field of Ayurveda titled "A Clinical Study of Herbo Mineral Medicine for Sickle Cell Anemia".
Association : Having association with many celebrity in the field of Ayurveda.

Associated with many Medical Institutes around.

Member & Working Committee Member of Gujarat Ayurvedic Research & Development Board, Baroda.

Member & Working Committee Member of All India Ayurvedic Congress, New Delhi

Member of Rural Health Society : MRSH since 1994.
Academic: Has written articles for magazine - "Vanodadhi", "Niramay", Ayurvedic Journal and in a Health Column in the local news paper.

Published booklets - (1) "Swasthya Saurabh" & (2) "Yoga & Yogasan" to bring awareness about Ayurveda and spreading the culture of Yoga amongst the local people.
Participation : Presented number of Ayurvedic Research paper and clinical analysis at National & International Seminars.

Participated in International Seminar on "Stress Management" at Pune, 1997 - Presented a paper titled "A Study of Ashwagandha in Anxiety Neurosis".

Given a workshop on "Pulse Reading" at National Workshop organised by Gujarat Ayurvedic Research & Development Board - February, 1994.

Delivered a speech at Ayurvedic conference held by GARD on Compilation of "Tridosha with Genetic Science" at Bhuj, 1998.
Medical Camps: Done number of Medical Checkup Camps in association with local social organisations and Vyara Medical Association.
Speciality : Diabetes, Cardiac disorders, Cancer, AIDS, Asthma, Arthritis, Hypertension, Arteriole Sclerosis, Anaemia - Sickle Cell Anaemia, Infertility, Anxiety - all this can be recovered & cured with the help of curative line of treatment called "Panchkarma".




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